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Project Counsel


Sandquist Law is your go-to counsel that is with you from the time you are assessing the viability of your project to the time of project close-out.  Our services are essential for construction, real estate development, infrastructure, and other projects requiring capital outlay and risk analysis. We are a readily available resource for you to ask questions, receive advise on contract language and interpretation, analyze and assess risks and capital outlay requirements, and to identify and settle disputes before they escalate.  We will assess the practical requirements of your project and meet with your project personnel to give them a project contract "kick-off".  Sandquist Law is your counsel that is readily available for project personnel to contact with questions relating to the contract or their obligations, initial consultations on claims or potential claims and potential disputes, drafting of correspondence and letters that relate to potential disputes or contractual issues/disagreements and general consultations on contract terms and appendices, as well as other specific services that can be  included, such as a specific training exercise for project personnel. 


We can provide these services either on an hourly basis or on a fixed-fee for the duration of your project contract. 



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