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Construction & Infrastructure - Commercial Services


Contracts & Negotiations: Sandquist Law has extensive experience drafting, reviewing and negotiating many different project contracts, from smaller projects to over $600 million cogeneration projects, pipeline infrastructure and servicing, large and small road construction and infrastructure projects, mining and crushing projects and oil sands infrastructure projects.  Sandquist Law works with its clients to understand what is critical to that client and can assist in either negotiation consulting behind the scenes or as the lead for negotiations. Sandquist Law will review a client's existing contract form and provide recommendations for revisions based on the client's needs and history or draft a bespoke contract based on its client's needs.


Risk Identification & Mitigation Strategies: We are well-versed and very experienced in identifying both legal  risk exposure and practical risk exposure.  Sandquist Law recognizes that there is no "risk-free" contract and works with its clients to develop practical risk mitigation and minimization strategies, with the view that our client's business and projects have to continue. 


Contract Summaries & Administration: Sandquist Law will review a client's project contract and summarize specific contractual administrative requirements, such as change order administration, specific compensation limitations and invoicing requirements, notice periods and dispute time periods.  Contract summaries can be done on a standard template or its client’s template.  Sandquist Law can also work directly with its client’s personnel to assist in developing contractually compliant procedures that may help minimize  disputes or delays in payment.



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